Gregory Holden Photography

Spring has come along nicely. I’ve been out in my kayak quite a bit but a recent flood has put the brakes on that endeavor.

All the photos in the Great Blue Heron gallery are new this year. There is a series of a Great Blue Heron catching and swallowing a four or five pound Channel Catfish. Itbecame a gruesome ordeal as the Heron had to make sure the Catfish was dead.

The photos in my Kayak gallery are all new this year as well. I've been going out since early February and have caught the Eagles and Turtles among other critters.  

Thanks to all who came by my booth at the two art shows! The call for the two shows this Fall has gone out so hopefully I’ll be accepted.

I’ll have all Summer to try and find a few more images!


Just back from a trip to the horses and finding more birds in wilder places.

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