Me at 66 park in March. Photo by Joe Holden

Gregory Holden Photography

    My name is Gregory Holden and I live in Eureka, Missouri and concentrate most of my photography within fifty miles of my house. The majority is actually within a mile from my home. I do occasionally travel well out of that range but by becoming intimate with an area I learn the details that a casual trip will never allow. I also learn what and to see in all of my other travels.
    I do not use much in the way of software for manipulating photos. I may push contrast or lighten or darken an area of an image or the entire image. I rarely spend more than five minutes on any image. I like the old line “Get it in camera!”
    I try and am a tourist every single day. I watched a man at Bryce Point some years ago complaining about having to go to that spot every year. At the time I was seeing it for the first time and could barely function because the stunning natural wonder I was seeing. That got me thinking about things and now my day starts with being thankful for waking in bed, with a roof over my head, and having great friends. It’ s really not that hard to do.

    Live Everyday as a Tourist !

    I send out an occasional email to people who sign up. I am going to use this part of the page as a journal of sorts to do the same.  Use the contact button above if you would like to be included in the email group. I NEVER use the list for anything but sending email and always use the Bcc field.

    Have you ever heard of a “Sun Dog”? At the Park yesterday I was getting ready for the Sun to set when I noticed what I refer to as a Sun Dog only because that’s what I have heard other people call these. It slowly dissipated as the Sun set lower but I almost forgot about it with the spectacular beauty unfolding.

    On a side observation. I go out of my way not to photograph jet contrails. Some days it just can’t be helped. This is one of the first times they have remained dark like exhaust and not water vapor. Jets dump exhaust closer to the atmosphere than anything but are we willing to abandon the convenience of flight to lessen our carbon foot print?

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