Gregory Holden Photography

    Several years ago I was standing at Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon. It was my first visit there and I was astounded at what I was seeing. A typical tourist experiencing something so beautiful for the first time. A group came down the path and I could hear one man complaining about coming here every year and so on. I could not understand how he could complain at this Beauty. I eventually pried myself away and went on to other marvelous sights. But the complaining man bothered me and had me thinking.
    Why do I need to leave home to be a tourist? Why can’t I be a tourist at home? I wake up in a bed. I have food. I have friends. I have a camera and so much so close to home that I could photograph what I have taken for granted and see that Beauty found there. I still enjoy traveling. But by being a tourist at home I have discovered that I need and want less. I can see the Beauty everywhere!

    Live Everyday as a Tourist !

    The eclipse of the Moon in early April did not go as I had hoped. The Sunrise washed out the detail and then hid the Moon completely. As usual this time of year, Spring has sprung!

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