Me at 66 park in March. Photo by Joe Holden

Gregory Holden

    I live in Eureka Missouri and concentrate most of my photography within fifty miles of my home. The greatest majority of it is actually within a mile from home. I do occasionally travel well out of that range but by becoming intimate with an area I learn the details that a casual trip will never allow. I also learn what to see in all of my other travels.
    I try to be a tourist every day. Life experience has taught me to be thankful for every day, every friend, and every single thing we so often take for granted. While taking more than one of these photos I had to rely on the auto focus system of the camera because the encounter had reached me to a tear. I hope that you can identify those photos and feel some of what I did. If so, I am doing my job.
    I do not use much in the way of software for manipulating photos. I only try to bring back what I see. I do not want to think I can improve on what I was given a chance to share with you.
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