I started in photography in 1971 with a polaroid land camera. I had just been diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and had spent time in a hospital bed looking through copies of Life magazine. A photograph by Larry Burrows named Reaching Out propelled me into photography. Today I use Nikon equipment and have gone mirrorless with a Nikon Z9 and a Nikon Z6ll. I have two adapters to be able to use my F mount lenses and continue with my D850 and D500 DSLR’s. I do not use Photoshop. It is a wonderful tool that can create magnificent digital art, but I try to complete an image in camera. I primarily photograph around my home in Missouri and almost always Nature. I have been spending time around the wild horse herds of Shannon County, Missouri. When the weather warms a little, I’ll get back into my kayak. I do not place titles on photographs. I do not want to influence what anyone might see or feel. While photographing in the Natural world I try to blend in and not be noticed. That is actually an impossible task, but I do what I can to read the body language of my intended subject and take the proper actions, one of which might be leaving and coming back another time. I hope you enjoy looking through my photographs. Please contact me with any questions and I will respond!