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Why  I love Photography

When I was ten years old I saw a photo in Life magazine. It was taken by Larry Burrows in 1966 and titled “Reaching Out”. A wounded soldier, his head wrapped in a blood soaked bandage, reaching out to help another wounded soldier. That one photo opened up the possibility of photography to me. It wasn’t long before I had a Polaroid instamatic. I got my first SLR in about 1977 and my first digital camera in 2001. I have four sons and during times out in the woods exploring, fishing, and hunting with my boys I usually carried a 35mm auto camera.

I finally honed in on the Natural world with my photography. You may notice that I capitalize words like Nature, Sun, Earth, Bluebird, ect. In my time I’ve learned things that help me understand that everything on this Earth is related and deserves respect. Even if we do not understand or are unwilling to accept our Natural World we are all dependent on it. The more time I spend in the Natural World the more beauty I find. And the more I want to bring the beauty to share.

One of my favorite things I’ve done lately is to visit high school photography classes and present my style of photography. I let the students hold and experience my cameras and lenses, explain things, and answer questions. Sometimes, when a photo really reaches a student or teacher and I plainly see the effect, I give the photo to them. Not a sound business practice but I have received so many blessings in my time that doing so helps me to see more beauty.

I try to keep my pricing as low as possible. I need to pay for this site and occasionally new equipment, printer paper and ink. I also order metal prints as my primary Gallery displays. These are photos that are created by infusing dyes into specially coated sheets of aluminum with heat and pressure. There are several finishes available but I generally go with what is called the white, high gloss finish. It brings out the color, contrast and details the best in the finishes available.

I have been Type One diabetic for 43 years and these days don’t get out as much as I used to but when I do I will bring home what I see and share it here with you.

Thank You for looking.


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